Thursday, March 1, 2012


ApHC # 614985 ** Foal date 2002
FOR SALE:  $1500

*It's been brought to our attention that Spot Shine is possibly cryptorchid, (failure of one testes to descend into the scrotum).  Our vet did not inspect to see whether the testicle was in the abdomen or not...but he was not producing semen.  Not knowing his history, the other possibility is that he suffered an injury which could also have damaged the testes.  We were advised that he may possibly start producing viable sperm again, and that it would be wise to test him again on a later date.  We are reducing his sale price to $500 to allow for the gelding costs that are necessary at this point.  He will make a great riding companion.  Spot is very kind and respectful, very manageable .  He stands well for the shoer and tries to please.  He has a very kind eye and will prove to be a loyal partner.  REDUCED SALE PRICE:  $500

Carrying bloodlines from Mighty Brite, Mighty Paul, King Shane and Two Eyed Jack to name a few. His temperament is calm, quiet and respectful. His conformation is nicely balanced, with good bone and nice big feet. 
Spotshine has had some basic training, but is ready to be trained and used as a riding companion.  He's very sweet and flashy...looking for a partner to give him the time he deserves!

For sale $1500